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Dominican University College (DUC) welcomes students from around the world each semester to study philosophy, theology and ethics with us. Dominican centres of study across the globe are known for their rigour and excellence in these fields. Studying at DUC is a rich, multicultural and multilingual experience. 

DUC is proud of its diverse student body. We enjoy meeting and discussing educational options with students from a variety of faiths, backgrounds, and cultures. Our application process, like our education, is personalized. We consider the entire dossier of our applications - not just their grades.

The Admissions Committee uses a rolling application system. Applications are evaluated in the order they are received. It is advisable (given that obtaining immigration documents and/or student permits for international students vary significantly from country to country) to apply before April 30th for the fall semester and August 31st for the winter semester in order to increase your chances of admission. You can expect a response in 3 (three) weeks from the date of your application submission.


How To Apply


Thank you for your interest in Dominican University College. The information provided below will help you better understand the application process. We encourage you to learn about our requirements before you begin an application. If you have additional questions about how to apply, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*For Students applying to a Program in Theology
A CV and a letter of intent explaining your interest in studying theology and in attending Dominican University College is required when applying for a program offered by the Faculty of Theology. In this letter, you must explain how the program fits in your academic background and what preparation (courses, parish volunteering, etc.) you have to start your studies in theology.


Step 1 - Prepare Application Documents

When applying online, you will have the option to upload supporting documents. Prepare and upload the following documents (in PDF format): 1) Copy of your passport - Name and birth date clearly showing; 2) Copy of your birth certificate - Name and birthdate clearly showing; 3) Passport sized photo.    

Step 2 - Original Transcript(s)

We require ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPTS*. Please obtain these from your previous educational institutions, high school and if applicable, other universities. Mail these documents to The Registrar’s Office. Dominican University College. 96 Empress Ave. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. K1R 7G3. If your transcripts are written in any other language except French or English, you must have them translated by an official translator. *In the case of international institutions that only grant one original transcript, you must have the copy version signed by an official notary. 

Step 3 - Apply Online

To begin the online application, select the option to apply as an international student. Complete and submit the online form through our portal, Dominicus. You will have the option to upload supporting documents. Please upload all required documents as listed above.  *Students applying to a program in theology must include a letter of intent in their application. See the "Application Process at DUC" above for more information.   *Students applying to a program in theology must include a CV and a letter of intent in their application. See the information in the "How to Apply" Section above for more details.

Step 4 - Track Your Application

Once you submit your online application, you will be redirected to a payment page. *Notice and save your admission number. You will be able to track the status of your application using this code. 

Step 5 - Pay Processing Fee

To complete your application, view our payment options. You may pay the $120 CND processing fee online through wire transfer. Please note that the processing fee is non-refundable.

Step 6 - Assessment of Your Application

Once we have received all required documents, we will begin to assess your application. A decision will be sent to you by email and to your postal address.

Step 7 - Accept Your Offer of Admission

Last but not least, you must accept your offer of admission. An Acceptance Form will accompany your Offer of Admission. Please sign and return this to DUC by email ( or by mail: The Registrar's Office. Dominican University College. 96 Empress Ave. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. K1R 7G3. 





What Happens After You are Accepted?


Apply for a study permit

Once you receive your offer of acceptance to DUC, you then need to apply to the Government of Canada for a study permit (online or from your local Visa Application Center). Please carefully review the expected processing time for your country of origin. It is best to begin the study permit application process well in advance of when you expect to start your studies. You need to leave enough time for your study permit to be processed (given expected processing times from your country) before your expected start date at DUC.


Depending on the country/region of origin, students may be required to obtain a temporary resident visa

Depending on your country of origin, you may be required to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa .You can verify whether you need a visa by clicking here. If it is required for residents from your country, you can click here to apply for a visa.



International Students at DUC are required to make their own arrangements for health insurance coverage. The following is a link to DUC's healthcare insurance provider for international students. It is very important to make arrangements before your arrival in Canada in order that your entire stay is covered.


Border crossing information

Please click here to be directed to important information that will help you when arriving at a point of entry (airport, etc) in Canada.