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Science et Esprit is a first-class research journal specialized in philosophy and theology. The journal was first established in 1948 by the professors of the Faculties of philosophy and theology of the Society of Jesus in Montreal. The journal maintained a high-level of academic quality and specialization since its inception, and followed the evolution of these disciplines by publishing articles in the fields of philosophy, epistemology, theology, biblical exegesis, and the new research methods that slowly developed throughout the 20th century. The journal has been run by Dominican University College since 1998.

Science et Esprit intends to stiumlate research in all disciplines related to philosophy and theology. The journal is open to the contribution of researchers from different schools and traditions in Canada and abroad. The journal does not privilege any particular research field or methodology. Nonetheless, over the years, the journal has become known for publishing articles in several particular areas, such as philosophical anthropology, epistemology, ethics, biblical exegesis, and systematic theology. 

Due to its dual focus on philosophy and theology, its bilingual character, and its openness to different research traditions, Science et Esprit is uniquely placed within the landscapte of academic journals in the humanities in Canada.