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Graduate Philosophy & Theology Programs


Research Based • Bilingual Environment • Specialised 

Graduate studies at DUC are dedicated to innovative academic research that seeks to unpack and tackle contemporary problems using the tools and methods of philosophy and theology. Since being founded in Ottawa by the Dominican Order of Preachers in 1900, the university has a rich history that continues to provide a specialised place of study for people of all backgrounds, faiths, and cultures. 

Located in the heart of Canada's National Capital, the campus is a unique environment, perfect for study and contemplation. The hallways and classrooms are lively spaces where students and professors discuss and debate philosophical and theological propositions. The five floor library is equipped with over 140 000 works specialised in philosophy, theology and ethics. It also contains a large collection of old books from the 14th and 15th century, with a particularly impressive collection of Thomistic commentaries.

Professors from both faculties are readily available for consultation and are actively involved in diverse areas of research. Both faculties host multiple conferences throughout the academic year, inviting renowned speakers from across Canada and the world. Graduate students are encouraged to participate in conferences locally and abroad. Discover DUC's various graduate programs below.     


Students from Related Disciplines

Applications to graduate programs from students with undergraduate degrees outside DUC’s core disciplines (philosophy and theology) will be assessed on a case by case basis. These applicants need to demonstrate a strong background as well as substantial knowledge in the area of study of the faculty to which they are applying. Additional criteria (comprehensive examination, qualifying year, etc.) may apply. Conditional acceptance will be granted until the applicant meets the qualifying requirements.




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