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Dominican University College, first established in Ottawa in 1900, by the Canadian Province of the Dominican Order, is one of the oldest university colleges in the nation’s capital. Its educational roots lie in the studium generale of 1260 at the very beginning of the development of universities in Europe. With its specialization in philosophy and theology, Dominican University College is devoted to the search for truth in an environment which nourishes critical thinking, amicable dialogue and a unique educational experience.


DUC's Vision Statement

Open to receive. Eager to discuss. Striving to transform.


DUC's Mission Statement

By cultivating the habits of academic and human excellence, we strive to develop versatile and critical minds that propose creative solutions to today’s complex problems.


We achieve these goals within a rich and vibrant Catholic, Dominican, tradition:

  • by offering a solid foundation in philosophy and theology;
  • in a fully bilingual environment;
  • while engaging openly with various disciplines, backgrounds and faiths;
  • in order that students can actualize their potential and change the world.