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The DUC Advantage

DUC is a unique experience. Few other places offer as high quality programs, nestled in such a supportive and friendly environment. Beyond merely strong academics, DUC offers thoroughgoing formation that you will cherish throughout life. Whether you are interested in a degree program at the undergraduate or graduate level, or simply a one year certificate or transition program, at DUC you can be confident in finding a welcoming, yet challenging, community in which to pursue your studies.


"I came here because I had questions that needed to be answered. At our age, you're wondering what you want to do with your life. You're looking for direction. You're questioning assumptions that you have been given. Philosophy makes you take a step back from yourself to realize that what you grew up with isn't necessarily what everybody else has. You might have to work to get to the truth.”

Amy Gordon, Graduate Philosophy


"After a year at Dominican, I can honestly see a difference in the way I look at life. It has given me the opportunity to learn more about the thoughts of great men and women over time, helped me dive deeper into my faith and my intellect, and helped guide me on my spiritual journey."

Matt Staples, Undergraduate Theology & Philosophy


"Having attended three other major Canadian universities, I only have praise for the intimacy and authentic style of education at DUC. This is reflected in the quality of thought of the students and the passion for teaching of the professors."

Andrew Cutler, Graduate Philosophy