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Why Study Theology at DUC?

"Faith is to believe what you do not yet see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe."

Saint Augustine, Confessions


A rich tradition of theological reflection permeates the Faculty of Theology at DUC. Our aim is to guide students through the intellectual currents of the Western Christian tradition and place this heritage in dialogue with our contemporary society. DUC encourages and forms students to become a presence of hope and mercy to the world around them. 

Biblical exegesis, as well as a thorough analysis of the ancient and contemporary reflections in Catholic-Christian Theology are the starting points for our discussions. At the heart of our faculty, the works of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Augustine, among others act as a guiding light. From a cordial spirit that is an important part of the Dominican Tradition, we also engage authors from various religions and philosophies.

The Faculty of Theology offers both pontifical and civil degrees, which grants a strong formation for priests, seminarians, religious or lay. Professors naturally incorporate notions of psychology, sociology, and various other natural sciences to better understand Christian anthropology and strengthen the theological reflection. At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, the Faculty of Theology helps students to ask better questions and to deepen their faith.

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Possible career options include after a bachelors degree:

  • Teaching (primary and secondary schools)
  • Journalism, Writing and Editing Serices (public service, publishing house, news services)
  • Social work (psychotherapy, counseling)
  • Media and Communications (marketing, multimedia, humain resources)
  • Chaplaincy (schools, parishes, hospitals)
  • Youth ministry (parish groups, diocese)
  • Charity and Non Goverment Funded Agencies


Undergraduate Programs offered by the Faculty of Theology